Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless Power Transmission Seminar Abstract

Transmitting power as microwaves from one place to another! This is to reduce the reduce transmission and distribution losses. This concept is known as Microwave Power transmission or Wireless Power Transmission. Wireless energy transfer or wireless power is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without interconnecting using wires.

Wireless Power Transmission is the best alternative where wired connection is impractical. The problem of wireless power transmission differs from that of wireless communications. In Wireless Communication the proportion of energy received becomes critical only if the received signal strength is very low(typically considered in DB). This signal also has dependency on the background noise and other electromagnetic interferences.

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I read somewhere or rather watched a video saying that the ancient Egyptians/ civilizations may have had this technology of power transmission and they could have been using the obelisks to do so. So I believe that it can be done. You can always never say that something can never be done when it comes to science and engineering.