Windows 8 how is it doing

Laptop sellers claims that Windows 8 is doing better than other Microsoft Windows versions. Is there any Collegelib member use Windows 8 in their Laptop or Desktops? Can you share your views here?
I use Windows 7 with 64-bits ultimate on desktop and Windows 8 on laptop. It came with my computer. I never like windows 8. The OS is very different. They remove a lot of stuff
I really don't think Windows 8 is as good as Windows 7, and I have heard many other people complaining about it. I think it is more suited to tablets rather than desktop computers.
I tried Windows 8. The new Windows 8 interface is not getting good reviews and I personally dislike it. I heard MS decided to go back to the old start button scheme like its predecessors, How to revert back to classic Start menu and desktop in Windows 8?

Don't you like Linux? I bet you already use Linux everyday in your life!
Linux powers most of the web servers around the world, Google Android phones use a customized version of Linux Kernel, network routers, set-top boxes, smart TVs and 99% of the world's fastest super computers!
Believe it or not ! ;)
@3DWaffle1, @Kyama3, I am also using Windows 7 at the current moment, how ever Windows 7 is also not a bug free. Here is a few interesting Windows 7 bugs
@Amit, this is one reason I stay away from all latest version of any operating system. I do follow n-1 approach.
About Linux, very true, most of the web sites are using Linux web servers (or Linux distributions) and Android is very popular nowadays than any other mobile operating systems available there.