VoltDB the Next-Generation Open-Source OLTP DBMS

VoltDB announced the general availability of the VoltDB OLTP database management system (DBMS). Under the leadership of Postgres and Ingres co-founder, Mike Stonebraker, VoltDB has been developed as a next-generation, open-source DBMS that has been shown to process millions of transactions per second on inexpensive clusters of off-the-shelf servers. It has outperformed traditional OLTP database systems by a factor of 45 on a single server, and unlike NoSQL key-value stores, VoltDB can be accessed using SQL and ensures transactional data integrity (ACID). VoltDB is ideal for developers of ad serving, gaming, software as a service (SaaS), financial trading, on-line businesses and other systems with large, fast-growing transaction volumes because VoltDB scales out easily on low-cost servers while providing automatic high availability for 24x7 operation.

Complete Reference: VoltDB.com => OLTP DBMS

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ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability)
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OLTP Online transaction processing
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