Project topics Embedded systems

Here are certain embedded project topics, can be implemented with 8051 micro controllers
AC motor Speed control using PWM technique
Advanced Encryption Standard using Micro controller
An I2C Network Protocol for Environment Monitoring
Automobile Engine Management
AVR based antenna tracking system
AVR based stepper motor position control
AVR Microcontroller based wireless data communication system
CAN Bus interface
Closed loop motor Speed Controller using Cellular phone
Complete Home Automation
Credit Card reader
Data Communication through Laser Between two Microcontrollers
Device Controlling through USB port using AVR Microcontroller.
Digital Advertisement display & control using LED
Digital function generator implementation
Electronic Circuit Breaker
Embedded Ethernet based remote temperature control system
Embedded Web Server
Energy meter traffic indicator
Finger Print Identification System
Full duplex wireless data transfer system
GPS based tracking system for Automobiles
Graphics LCD based image display system
Induction motor Speed control
Intelligent Digital PWM Generation for power control applications
Message communication between devices using Embedded based network system
Micro controller based Energy Meter
Microcontroller based Servo Stabilizer
Microcontroller to Connect internet via PPP
Motor Speed Control through Power line
Multi channel data acquisition and control
Multi Variable parameter interfacing with CAN BUS
Multi-Tasking on the microcontroller RTOS
Network enable Embedded system for Printer Communication using Ethernet control
Network enabled Embedded system for Printer Communication using Rs- 485 Protocol
Off line Tracking system with GPS
On line Tracking System with GPS
On Load tap changer for power transformer
PC Remote Control
Phase Sequence Indicator
Point of Sales Terminal
Prepaid card for (i). Petro card (ii).Shopping (iii).internet (iv).EB application
Remote place data acquisition and control using AVR based embedded system
Remote Sensor and Measurement
RF ID based Attendance card system
RF ID based banking Application system
RF ID based Security system
RF ID based Smart card system
RS-232 to RS-485 Converter
Sending E-mail from Microcontroller through SMTP server
Single Supply Temperature Monitoring using Thermocouple
Single wire CAN to Automotive Networks
Smart Networking
SMS through Landline
Solar Tracking and Data logger
Student Mark Announcement system through Telephone
TCP/IP protocol implementation in AVR for embedded network applications
Temperature Analyzing system for industrial control
Tilt Measurement using Microcontroller
Touch activated speaking robot
Tricolor Moving message display
UDP protocol implementation in AVR Microcontroller
UPS Monitoring System
Vehicle Tracking System through SMS
Vending Machine
Voice operated home appliances control
Voice Operated Temperature controller
Voltage, Current, Speed monitor through power line
Windmill control system
Wireless Keyboard , Printer
Wireless Recharge Application for EB
Wireless Voting machine
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Some projects found this week.
Read our Sample Seminar Reports for preparing a better Seminar report and PPT.
Recommended technology reading: CRM Software