Polymer Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavements Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Polymer Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavements
Polymer fiber reinforced pavements are the new type of pavements which are gaining a lot of importance in recent times. These pavements use fibers in the coating of pavements. These are more efficient than traditional cement pavements. The material used in the making of pavements determines the strength and durability of pavements. Use of fibers in pavements has many advantages. Polymer fibers reduce pollution and are also cost effective. Use of fibers increases durability and improves texture of pavements. The fibers are uniformly distributed giving a good feel to the pavement. It beautifies the pavement and its surroundings.

Apart from polymers, these fibers can also be made of steel and natural materials. Polyester is an example of polymer used in the making of such pavements. Polymers are known to be tough and resistant to weather conditions. They are further inert and do not undergo corrosion easily. These properties make polymers useful in the construction of structures. The amount of fiber used measures in percentage with respect to the total composition of the matter. Thus, the strength of the pavement can be increased while construction by adding more polymer. This method is gaining popularity because of the many benefits of using polymers.

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