PenTile Technology Seminar Report, Abstract (Pentile Matrix, Mobiles phones)

PenTile Technology, an affordable display technology
PenTile matrix is known as a technology to be used in displays. This technology is used in several electronic devices for displaying. Samsung possess the trademark of this technology. This technology includes sub pixel layouts. These are designed certainly for making them more compatible with conventional panels. This technology comes into the light in the year 1990. The idea of inventing such technology was thoroughly inspired by the actions of the retina. This technology was owned by Clairvoyante until 2008 and by that time other players in this industry have already manufactured such display technologies especially in Asia.

[Image: Pentile_technology_basics.png]

After that, Samsung takes over the company and the patent on this technology only to upgrade it more. They are still developing the PenTile technology for the future. This technology has already been used in smart phones that too in large scale. The feedback of this technology is also mixed. This technology can be used in smart phones for low cost high definition display. You will be able to find that in one of the mobile phone in galaxy series of Samsung. There is no doubt that PenTile technology has made the displays more efficient in terms of energy consumption. It can be used in AMOLED screens at lower cost.

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