Matrix inversion generator architecture. Abstract, seminar report

Matrix inversion an introduction

In multi-antenna wireless communication systems, matrix inversion is an essential computation for various algorithms. The ideal platforms for wireless communication are FPGAs. The designer may feel happy as there is a large amount of customization needed throughout the design process of a matrix inversion core. There is a matrix inversion generator tool named gusto. With the help of gusto, it is easy to design space exploration in different matrix inversion architecture. Different general purpose matrix inversion architectures with different sets of parameter describing a system options can be automatically generated by gusto. It is the first tool to do these kinds of work. With the help of gusto, you can get optimized architecture according to the application.

Thus you can achieve a 59 % decrease in area and three times throughput increase as compared to general purpose architecture. The results generated from the optimized architectures are comparable to the published matrix inversion architecture. The major advantage is the designer can study an exchange between architectures with different design parameters. Matrix inversion is the heart of most calculation tasks. Linear systems of equations are frequently solved with the help of matrix inversion in many fields such as wireless communication. In order to remove the effect of the channel on the signal in MIMO-OFDM systems, matrix inversion is used.

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