Low cost Bricks making Seminar report, abstract

Low cost Bricks making, an introduction
As reprocessing litter is better to simply flinging refuse into the dump, the process still ends up making their way to the landfill by creating plenty of byproducts. Paper bricks can be made from the mixture of 90%recycled paper mill waste and 10% cement. Than this mixture is instinctively mixed and pushed into shapes and then alleviated in the sun. The luminous recycled building material is at low cost which means developing more efficiency out of an existing practice.

Recycle Paper Mills add 30% of total soft issue and paper mill segment in India. 5% waste is formed in a year because 85% is the average efficiency of Recycle Paper Mills. Cost of normal bricks is almost double and heavier than the blocks made from these recycled materials. Indian construction market which is suffering from deficit in supply of around 30% will be very beneficial using such economical and efficient bricks. Work in progress is going on a waterproof coating for the bricks so that they can be used on housing exteriors and deceiving the materials effectiveness in disaster prone areas. In accumulation to paper waste, indulgence of textile effluent plant mud, cotton waste, waste tea, rice pod powder and many more from a waste water treatment plant.

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