Haptic technology does for the sense of touch what computer graphics does for vision. Haptics is the science of applying touch sensation and control to interact computer software applications. In combination with a visual display, Haptics technology can be used to train people for tasks requiring hand eye coordination, such as surgery and space ships, mobile games etc.

It can also be used for games in which you feel as well as see your interactions with images. You can play games like Aircraft Control or Angry Bird. You can also make use of this in multi user games like Tennis, where both of you can see the moving ball using the Haptic device, position and swing your tennis racket and feel the impact of the ball. Haptic technology allows creating computer generated Haptic Virtual Objects (HVOs). HVOs can be touched and manipulated with human body. HVOs provide a rich combination of cutaneous and kinesthetic stimulation through a bidirectional haptic information flow between HVOs and human users.

More over HVOs mechanical properties can be selectively defined and changed through software.

Applications of Haptics technology
Android apps
Multi user Computer and video games
Teleoperators and simulators
Personal computers
Mobile phones
Virtual reality

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