Facebook thrift technology Seminar Report, Abstract

An introduction to Facebook thrift technology

Facebook thrift is a useful technology for developing inters language services. Thrift allows a computer programmer to define data types and service related platforms in an uncomplicated environment and in an easy definition file. The computer program uses that definition file to create RPC clients and servers. These servers and clients can communicate easily across different programming languages. Facebook thrift makes a database access easy. A database typically contains some informative data. This data has its own unique structural record architecture. With the help of Facebook thrift programmers can create a communication platform and network which is robust and can be created in a shorter time. The different supported languages are JAVA, PHP and python.

Remote database handling and remote computer access will be easy with the use of Facebook thrift. We can easily use an application created in programming language C to remotely login to a PHP application for Linux operating system. Facebook thrift is useful in creating a remote database access system. The remote database access is by accessing a remotely located database over a computer network. Here the client software will not directly access the remote database's files. Instead, it will create its own local copy of the database and will update it with data acquired from the remote data server over a network connection.

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