Bubble Power seminar report, abstract

Introduction Bubble Power
For more than half a decade, thermonuclear fusion has given despicable, clean and almost unlimited energy source. Though, we havent found an economical fusion technology that gradually gives more energy than it consumes. Nowadays researchers are using colossal lasers and very powerful magnetic fields to generate inadequate fusion reactions among deuterium and other hydrogen isotopes. The outcomes of this fusion are promising. By pertaining sound waves to a deuterium rich liquid, pressure inflections that bursts inward small bubbles filled with deuterium vapor. The bubbles brutal breakdown may result into some of the deuterium nuclei to endure fusion.

It is very difficult to envisage that sheer sound waves can simply transform in the bubbles i.e. the tremendous pressure developed by the lasers or magnetic fields, which itself imitate the inside condition of stars alike our sun, where fusion happens gradually. However, the purpose of all fusion research is the advancement of a safe and new environment friendly way to generate electrical energy. A conventional nuclear fission reactor fabricates harmful radioactive wastes that remain for several years unlike in fusion where no greenhouse gases are produced. Electricity consumption is rapidly increasing due to stable growth of world population and with economic progress in developing countries. Thus, finding new sources of energy is not only important but also very essential.

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