Blue Tooth

Blue Tooth Seminar abstract
Bluetooth is a proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances effortlessly. This facilitates instant connections between various communication devices, such as mobile phones, desktops, notebook computers, smart phones, hands free headset etc. Bluetooth uses radio transmission (ISM band from 2400-2480 MHz frequency), thus the transfer of both voice and data is in real-time. The sophisticated mode of transmission adopted in the Bluetooth specification ensures protection from interference and security of data.

Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group

Many desktop computer systems have a CPU unit connected to a mouse, a keyboard, a printer and so on.
A personal digital assistant (PDA) will normally connect to the computer with a cable and a docking cradle.
Any TV is normally connected to a VCR and a cable box, with a remote control for all three components.
A cordless phone connects to its base unit with radio waves, and it may have a headset that connects to the phone with a wire.
In a stereo system, the CD player, tape player and record player connect to the receiver, which connects to the speaker.

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