Beagle Board The Single Board Computer for your lab projects

Beagle Board. The Single Board Computer for your lab projects.

The Beagle Board is a low-cost, fan-less single-board computer based on Texas Instruments' OMAP device family, with all of the expandability of today's desktop machines, but without the bulk, expense, or noise. The USB (USB 2.0) Powered Beagle board delivers laptop like performance and expansion.

* OMAP3530 processor delivers laptop-like performance at handheld power levels
* Over 1,200 Dhrystone MIPS using the superscalar ARM Cortex-A8
* OpenGLĀ© ES 2.0 capable 2D/3D graphics accelerator
* HD video capable TMS320C64x+ DSP
* USB power
* more =>

The Board promots Open Source Softwares and lots of communities are promoting it.

* - Official Web site.
* - Wiki
* - The Wikipedia
* - Google CODE Community
* Boot Linux on the Beagle Board - IBM Developer works
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