AMOLED Display Technology (LED Signs and LED Walls) Technology Seminar Topic Report

There have been several technologies invented for mobile and television displays. Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode or AMOLED is one of them. In this display technology a very thin film has been used which was coated with several organic electroluminescent compounds. The whole technology is too dealt with the pixel quality of the displays. As of now this display technology has been implanted very successfully in small screens like in smart phones. This technology is not only very affordable, but also available with improved quality picture. In very near future AMOLED will be used for bigger screens.
The active matrix OLED in AMOLED technology produces a light after it is properly electrically activated. It requires a continuous flow of electricity and that is controlled by two TFTs. The benefit of this technology over others is immense. AMOLED technology consumes lesser power and also the refresh rate is very high than other counterparts. The response time of touch displays developed using this technology is far better compared to others. In future it is going to be used not only in portable electronics devices, but also in large screens such as more than 50 inches. Already several big names in the electronics world have started using an AMOLED including Samsung.

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