Aluminum Air Battery, a new electric car battery technology

Aluminum Air Battery Introduction
Aluminum air batteries were first commercialized and patented by the US for its military operations in 1970 but have not yet become mainstream and used on a large scale.
These batteries possess one of the highest energy densities, of all batteries but are not used because of its high anode costs and by-product removal. This has made them difficult for consumer and general public usage.

Aluminum Air Battery Technology
There was a successful demonstration made by a company called Phinergy, that showed an electric car running on aluminum air batteries with a special electrolyte travelling over 330 km and digits like this bring a lot of temptation to mind. Manufacturers should step in and spend more on research to make them available safety and most importantly cost effectively to a general public. There is a good amount of information on the world wide web but little is known about actual implementation capabilities as they are still hidden in web pages of various institutes and organizations.
The question about the safety is not of main issues here, but it is the cost regarding the maintenance. How much beneficial it can be, when used in electric cars and other high-end vehicles is also a buzzing question?

Aluminum Air Battery Trend
Development for electric cars and new battery technology for cars are always a topic for research since customers are always looking for improvements and innovation in this area.

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