Air Conditioning Unit Seminar Abstract, Report

Air Conditioning Unit (Seminar Abstract)
Air conditioning units or the air conditioners are used in everyday life to cool the air around us. They are a very common consumer electronic device. Inside the air conditioner, refrigeration of some special gases takes place to give out cool air, much like in refrigerators. The air condition uses the simple principle that while changing from liquid state to gaseous state, the substance gives out heat. To send out, cold air, the air conditioner has special substance which is used as a refrigerant. This substance is evaporated and condensed continuously to give out cool air. This process takes place in the closed condition inside the unit.

There is a proper mechanism to pass the heat generated during this process out of the machine from the other end. In centralized air conditioners, there is a duct system to channel hot air away and keep the system from heating inside. The fan is also provided for the same reason. A compressor is also fitted inside the machine to convert the gas back to liquid. The compressor basically creates high pressure and converts the gas back to liquid so that the process continues and the temperature remains controlled. Thus, the refrigerant constantly maintains the indoor temperature and the inside temperature of the system is also controlled.

We prepared and published this seminar abstract for final year engineering students seminar research. You should do your own research additional to this information before presenting your seminar.
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