Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature. This time it is not a leak but real!

Whatsapp started rolling out Voice Calling feature! The most awaited feature from the most popular android app company. The news source says with screen shots and preview videos, who ever gets this feature already, can share it with others by just calling them through Whats app voice calling. Once they receive the call, their app will get Voice Calling feature. So if you get this feature, please remember to call me :-)

The developers also assuring us, the app will use minimum data transfer as possible, so it can be fit for slow internet connection users like us!
Whatsapp calling is officially available now. I could activate it as follows,
Update whatsapp to the latest version from Google Play
Ask some one to call you, who already have the calling feature.

If you would like to get a call from me, please contact me.