WireWax, A Taggable Video Technology Seminar Abstract, Report

An introduction to WireWax, A Taggable Video Technology
WireWax is a company based in London. The company has introduced a new technology that will allow people to tag anyone in the video. The name of the software is wireWax after the name of the company. Touchable version of this software is now can be found in any Apple iPad. The hard labour of all the people attached to the company has been trying to create a taggable video interactive tool since last couple of years. This software technology will allow users to tag people in videos or in motion pictures. Users will be able to add interactive information or content as well. This tool is now available online and users may use it for tagging content.

The idea behind this tool is to introduce web into video. The use of hot spot motion tracker and several other interactive materials in a video will engage viewers and that is why this tool is now used in several advertisements as well. This video technology with taggable and touchable option has been brought another revolution in the modern advertising world. Using this tool you will not only be able to directly visit the website of a company, but also be able to buy the product used in the advertising video just by clicking on it. This is a web based online tool so you do not have to install any software.

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