Plastics Explosion Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Plastics Explosion
Plastic explosives are the use of plastic for explosive purposes. They are also known as putty explosives. These explosives are generally not used for general explosive purposes. Plastic explosives are specially used in explosives engineering and combat engineers. This is used for demolition of explosives, so that they do not prove fatal in the future. Plastic in the device helps in reducing the power of the explosion. The device is soft and easily flexible in nature. It is used for demolition of obstacles too. Commonly used plastic explosives are C-4 and Semtex. These plastic explosives have a high density and velocity of detonation. Hence they can be used to avoid the effect of metal constituents in explosives while explosion.

They have been used successfully by various government organizations to destroy explosives. Some terrorist organizations have also used these plastic explosives to attack on people. Plastic explosives have also been used for shock hardening. It is used for train rail components. It is also used for digging purposes. Other plastic explosives include PENO, C3, C4 and Plastico. Different countries use different plastic explosives. These plastic explosives are significantly more costly than other explosive materials. New designs and materials are used in this technique in order to dispose unwanted explosive items efficiently.

We prepared and published this seminar abstract for final year engineering students seminar research. You should do your own research additional to this information before presenting your seminar.
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