Lumus Lens Technology (wearable technology) one more new age Lens Technology

Lumus Lens, a new age wearable lens Technology
Lumus is the name for the new age lens technology. It is a path breaking new technology in the visual technology area. This technology has been developed after many years of efforts and is constantly advancing as it progresses. Initially, it was a 720p near HD quality augmented reality display. The display is embedded into a thin glass which would be almost impossible to sight from a distance or even from proximity. This offers amazing display features and quality. It is possible to watch movies and videos like on any other screen, for example TV or computer. There have been many enhancements to this technology in the recent times and is now being viewed as a game changer in wearable technologies and devices.

Best features of Lumus Lens wearable technology
  • Unobtrusive, natural look and feel of regular eyeglasses, which can be worn all day, even when screen is off
  • Huge expandable screen with image appearing even larger over distance
  • Situational awareness enabling watching on the go while seeing what's going on around you
  • Hands-free flow of critical data, keeping you constantly connected no matter what you are doing
  • Personal and private screen allowing discreet viewing of video and data anywhere
  • Augmented reality content overlaid on what you see, enabling revolutionary applications
  • Stereoscopic image enabling mind-blowing 3D video and gaming
  • No fatigue or dizziness because of open peripheral vision and proprietary alignment methods and procedures
Lumus now comes with inclusion of Android OS and a camera. This makes it even more useful. This makes it a complete system which includes all the essentials for an amazing display experience. Lumus is better than Google Glass or any other technology in this sector. It is also equipped to respond to hand gestures with which one can control the device and its display. This lens technology is useful when the user is away or busy. Since the lens is thin, it is light and comfortable to use in gadgets

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