Loon internet, the stratosphere internet from Google coming to India soon!

Indians are ready for the stratosphere internet (Google balloons internet)
Google is setting up to try out a new idea to give internet access to the rural parts of India (via remote internet access). The technology giant is experimenting with new ways to provide loon internet service to rural parts of the country. The technique involves helium balloons floating in the sky. They give help in connecting the devices to the web. Although this project is in its pilot phase, Google is expecting it to work well. If things go as planned, it will help in making the pool of knowledge available to the remote places. Govt. of India has shown interest in this project and is cooperating with the software company.

[Image: google_balloon_illustration.png]
Image: Google Loon /Project Loon Article, Collegelib.com 2013
A similar project called Project Loom was launched in New Zealand. It was very successful. Google wants to replicate this success story in India. Since India is a big market for internet companies because of its huge population, Google is all set to take the initiative of providing web access to them. The speed of this internet connection will be close to a regular 3G network speed. It will give many facilities to the users in the country. With this ambitious project, Google expects to increase its users in India. It will greatly benefit by tapping the untapped market of rural India Broadband Internet, which has remained more or less obscure to the web.
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