Java projects on Cloud computing

Do you have some Java projects topics based on cloud computing? We have to submit several project titles before choosing a final one. Any advice is appreciated. The project should be done in Java and preferably the application should work on cloud.
Most of the applications developed in Java can be moved on to Cloud. You can refer to our project topic list, Project ideas for Final year and adapt ideas, that exactly can be moved on to cloud. You may also refer to Android project ideas for final year engineering students
That was informative. Any technical project help is available from Collegelib for my cloud based project?
As Surya said, you can work on cloud for most of the projects. Before starting development on Cloud, analyze all prons and cons.
I can give some information on Cloud development platforms, which are FREE or very economical. There are cloud providers you can start developing on, inexpensively, a few references from
Google Cloud App Engine
Github, a web based hosting service for software development
Dropbox, for sharing or syncing files (can be used for project development as well.