How to select best engineering college?

Things To Consider While Choosing An Engineering College
Choosing an engineering college can be a difficult task. One has to consider a number of things while making this decision.

Following are some things one should consider while taking this decision:
1. Refer to the lists of the previous year cutoffs. This will help in deciding the merit of the college based on the students studying in it.

2. Find out if there is a grading system to rate colleges. These grades are very important as they are given after careful judgment from a responsible and official grading body.

3. Research about the affiliation and accreditation of the college of universities. It is very important for the college to be accredited to a recognized university and be genuine.

4. Get to know about the college and its staff from the students and x-students of the college. Irrespective of the image of the college, the students will give a clear view of the internal structure of the college. Their experience of studying there is valuable.

5. Find out about the college premises by visiting the college. During admission period, it allows for prospective students to visit the college. This will tell you about the college and the college management.

6. The owner and the management of the body are also very important while deciding on a college. Find out about the top personnel of the college.
One major point i like to add from my experience. Never ever listen to your neighbors or family members. Do google searches, contact some students who are pursuing their studies in the college for more information.
Go behind your passion, find out colleges having that particular branch and join there.
Research well in advance yourself, what will I become if I do this engineering or that, what difference? Job opportunities in India or abroad etc.