How to chose the latest seminar topics computer science (CSE)?

Everyone has to select and present the latest seminar topics as part of their engineering degree. Some colleges have more than one topic as part of their program, technical and non-technical some times. I am going through some points which will help you to choose seminar topics on technology, and which is the latest.

#1. Search
Seriously, because Collegelib is having a team of experienced IT/Computer Science engineers, continuously listening to latest technology inventions and updates as part of their research. The team keeps on adding the most relevant and latest seminar topic on various technology here. Here is the quick links to the latest Seminar topics computer science published in 2015: Topic list 1, Topic list 2

#2. Subscribe various computer science and related technology magazines.
You need not pay for a subscription, you may depend on the College Library, go through the Computer Magazines regularly, they keep on publishing latest gadgets and technology trends

#3. Ask your Faculty
Every college would be having at least one faculty (if not all) member who shows real interest in helping the professionals of tomorrow. Find them and ask for their opinions.

#3. Google Search for a specific area of technology
It would help if you research on a topic very specifically. Try Google Searching on "XYZ Technology" this will provide better results than searching for generic "seminar topics"

#4. Look at the Collegelib Seminar topic index
Collegelib has about 5000+ seminar topics as of 2019 August. Look at the index carefully and you would get plenty of topic ideas to choose from. 5000+ Seminar topics Index

#5. Look at
I found this to be very helpful, searching at

It is very important to choose the very trending and the latest topic for your seminar, while you attend your job interviews, the recruiter might ask you about the topic you have chosen, so chose wisely.

A few trending seminar topics computer science are Cloud Computing, Financial Seminar topics, data mining seminar topics, ... The categories are not limited to this small list, use your research, time is the only limit there!
Update: Adding link to 5000+ Seminar topics, including pages with Technical introduction and abstracts.
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