Femtocell, low power base station technology introduction, abstract, report

Femtocell is a small and low power base station. It is used for communication purposes in homes or small business. It is a relatively new concept which allows telecommunication over a small area. A femtocell is basically another term for 'small cell' which is a more popular term. This femtocell makes it possible to provide communication service in places which can be too congested or complex, so the conventional methods may prove to be useless. Femtocell offers many benefits and delivers better service for users indoors. The benefits include good coverage, seamless connection indoors, which is also reliable and fast data transfer. The users can move anywhere within the given area and experience undisturbed network connection. Users can also get attractive tariff plans from their carrier for this purpose.

Due to the better offerings of Femtocell and the fact that is designed in a way that it gives good service for indoor purposes, many mobile carriers have started this service. Some of the leading service providers who have started offering Femtocell are: Vodafone, Zain and Verizon besides others. Although it is an evolving technology, femtocell does face some technical problems. Interference is the most common among these problems. Since many devices can be connected in a short range, there is interference of the waves travelling to and from these devices. This can result in confusion and the data may not get delivered correctly.

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