Electronics Seminar topic collection 2010. 353 topics for seminar

2-D Inverted Pendulum on Rotating ARM
3D Face Monitoring
3D tracking
A Digital Speech Effects Synthesizer
A personal voice library
A Semi definite Program For Distillable Entanglement
A software suite for periodicity characterization of DNA sequences
Acoustic Holography
Active Noise Control
Adaptive controller development
Advanced GAMP for Plant weave Technologies
Agent based modeling of electricity markets
Aircraft GPS Tracking
An Electric Bicycle
An International Comparison of Electricity Industry Restricting
An iPhone application for visualizing pollution maps
Analyses and identify the market signals required to justify investment in peaking generation
Analyzing opportunities for improved building energy performance in Hong Kong
Analyzing Risk in Electricity Market
Analysis and Design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Analysis of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for Domestic Electrical Appliances
Analysis of spot electricity prices in the Australian National Electricity Market
Antenna Analysis Using Wavelet Representations
Anti-Jamming wireless systems
Application of Advanced Monitoring to Transform the Energy Australia Distribution network
Application of LED for Domestic Applications
Application of Modern Control Techniques to Biomedical Engineering and Medicine
ARQ Schemes for Wireless Data Communications
Automated Network Address Assignment
Automatic Device Driver Synthesis From Device Specifications
Automatic sound-based user grouping for real time online forums
Automatic Video Surveillance Systems
Baby Crying Analysis
Background modeling for robust change detection in real-time
Bicm coded OFDM-MIMO systems for wireless networks
Bidirectional Power Control for hybrid vehicles
Bionic eye possible path toward artificial retina
Bio sensors (photonics)
Blue sat Communications Protocol
Blue-sat Radio Switching Circuit
Broadband via satellite to Rural Areas
Broadcast strategies for text anywhere
Broadcast Strategies for text anywhere
Calibration of a 1MV impulse generator
Capturing packets in secured networks
Censoring private information from network packet traces
Channel Coding and Decoding for Mobile Communications
Channel Estimation in MIMO Systems
Channel State Feedback
Characterization of Piezoelectric Elements
Coding in high noise environments
Compression and distribution of volumetric data sets.
Computer assisted registration of regions of interest for image/video annotation
Computer Simulation of Partial Discharges
Computer-based Partial Discharge Measurement
Condition Assessment of Transformer Insulating Oils
Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment
Control & Signal Processing Techniques in Financial Engineering
Control and Optimization Methods in Communication Networks
Control of a 3-d overhead crane
Control of a Segway.
Control of an autonomous tractor for precision agricultural tasks
Control of Gantry Crane
Control System Design for a Traction Drive in a Hybrid Vehicle
Control system design for bidirectional power converter, and inverter drive for traction motor and energy storage of hybrid vehicles
Control System Wireless Interface
Controlled multimedia recording environment for lectures and 3D.
Controller design for a helicopter model
Create an Ethernet switch from a PC
Data Mining for Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment
Design & Implementation of a dual purpose microphone array.
Design and development of a programmable alarm system
Design and development of high-power white LED lighting system
Design and Fabrication of Segmented Fibers
Design and implementation of a scalable database and server for hosting sensor network data
Design and implementation of systems for the demonstration of various Electrical Engineering concepts
Design of a wireless sensor board for measuring air pollution
Design of Amplifier for recording of Nerve Signals
Design of an all Electric Steering Wheel
Design of diamond-based Photonics devices
Design of IC Amplifiers for touch Sensors
Design of Low Density Parity Check Codes
Design of Pt-electrode measurement system
Determination of efficiency of the Permanent Magnet Motors
Develop a test bed for networking experiments
Development and Control of Humanoid robot
Development of a Broadband Tunable Fiber Laser
Development of a New Sensor for Detecting Partial Discharge Induced Pressure
Development of a PM Motor Drive
Development of a wind-turbine simulator
Development of an electrical energy flow model for Australia
Development of an electrical energy flow model for NSW
Development of new sensors for online monitoring of partial discharges
Digital Audio Effects Control by Accelerometry
Digital Camera Calibration and Inversion for Stereo iCinema
Digital class D amplifier
Digital Neurons for Digital Brains
Direct Torque and Flux Control of IPMSM
Discovering network access problems
Driver circuit design for high power white LEDs for high trip applications
Educational experiments in electromagnetism
EDX signal Pro
Effects of Forced Outages on Electricity Generators in the Australian National Electricity Market
Effects of large scale integration of PV systems on the distribution network
Electrical insulation for high-voltage DC systems
Electrical Safety (Supervisors: Professor Faz Rahman and Associate Professor Colin Grantham)
Electrical Test systems for failure analysis of cochlear implants
Electricity industry restructuring in Malaysia
Electricity Industry Restructuring in Singapore
Electromagnetic Applications for Mobile and Satellite Communications
Electromagnetic processor fabrication
Embedded system controller implementation
Embedded System Design for Systems and Control Teaching
Emotion Detection From Speech
Energy Distribution in Indonesia
Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint of UNSW
Equalization of room acoustics for audio reproduction
Estimating network dependencies
Falls detection using accelerometry and barometric pressure
Faster, Higher, Stronger - A New Design of Space-Time Codes
Filter coupling matrix extraction for tuning and optimization
Floating-Gate D-A Converter
Forecasting Wind Power
Formation of a policy document for energy Australia in regard to embedded generation insertion in the network
Frequency Estimation
fully digital class-D amplifiers
Fully Integrated Amp-Meter for Electrical Simulators
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Fuzzy Logic Control for complex systems
Gaming interfaces applied to videoconferencing
Generating Perceptively Realistic Surround Sound Scenes
GIS tools for web applications
Hands free mouse
Hardware EDAC for Harsh Environments
Hardware implementation of background image modeling
Helicopter Control
High - Voltage CMOS amplifier design
High Speed Circuits for optical Interconnect
Highly Interactive Web Service
Hovercraft Navigation and Control
Hovercraft Navigation and Control (ii)
How bad are the EE&T building lifts?
IC Amplifier Design for Touch Sensors
Image processing for the enhancement of a web cam video stream
Image transmission over WiMax Systems
Image Watermarking
Implantable on-chip Power Supplies
Implementation of a Drop Watcher
Implementation of Delta - operator Models
Implementation of IEEE802.11b on a Software Defined Radio
Implementation of mapping using force-based algorithms
Improved Unified energy Scheme with application to UNSW EE Building
Improving and investigation of the cochlear implant front end signal processing.
Improving the energy efficiency of UNSW
Indoor video cable rigging and control
Industry-sponsored: Implement a media resource Client
Information in Optical Fibers
Information in optical Fibers
Information in Optical Fibers
Input Test Meter for SSI
Integrated Circuit Design for Biomedical Applications
Integrated dual output DC-DC converter
Integrated Optical Chip Design
Integrating Wind Power into the Electricity grid
Integration of wind and solar energy in smart mini grid
Interactive Imaging with JPIP
Internet Protocol duplicate address detection and adaptation
Investigation into solar thermal/coal driven power stations
Investigation into the effects of domestic, grid-connected Photovoltaic systems on an energy distribution network.
Investigation of Physiological and psychological auditory cues for human spatial perception
Investigation of the effect of temperature on the stress distribution in high voltage DC cables
Investigation of the real-time implementation of learning controllers
Investigation of transient components in single instrument music signals.
Laser Pointer Driven Mouse
Less characterization of ferro-magnetic material for non-sinusoidal excitation
Light Interception Image Analysis
Location estimation and trajectory prediction for PCS networks
Long baseline motion estimation
Low power filter design for mobile communication
Low-power CMOS A/D converter Design
Low-Power Microelectronics for Biomedical Implants
Low-Power Oscillator for Implants
Lower Power Frequency Synthesizer
MAC and Routing Problems of WLAN
Magnetic Levitation System
Mav Communication System
MIMO detection with soft putput
MIMO System in hardware
Mobile Phone Demonstration
Mobile Robot
Mobility Modeling and trajectory prediction for next generation PCS networks
Modeling and Control of Human Balance
Modeling of wind turbine system for an Interior Permanent magnet generator
Modeling & Control of overhead crane
Modeling and control of hybrid dynamical systems
Modeling and Control of the Green Weeder
Modeling Investment in Wind Frames in the NEM
Modeling of current spread through electrode geometries in implantable hearing device
Modeling of Residential Customers Accessing Directly to the national Electricity Market
Modeling the impact of electricity price tariffs and smart grids on customer demand
Monitoring and measuring server availability
Multichannel Audio Compression Using Directional Cues
Multimedia fusion
Multi user Detection in Telecommunications
Multi user Detection in Telecommunications
Multi user Scheduling for MIMO broadcasting
Navigation of Mobile Wheeled Robots
Nerve Signal Measurement Electronics for Biomedical Implants
Network coding schemes for wireless
Neural Coding
Neural Coding
Noise Reduction in Mobile Environments
Nonlinear Effects in Optical Waveguides
OFDM Receivers
On-chip DC-DC converter
On-chip reference circuits for biomedical implants
Online PD Calibration
Optical & Electrical Signal Processing
Optical Fiber Coupler
Optical Fiber Measurement System
Optical Fiber Sensors
Optical Signal Processing
Optical to electrical converter for optical interconnect
Optical Tweezers
Optimal Control via Policy Iteration
Optimal Prewders and Decoders for MIMO Communications
Optimization of Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
Optimization based decoding for LDPC
Optimized MIMO Wireless systems
OS - level enery Management for embedded systems
Outdoor High Voltage Insulators
Partial Discharge in Cables
Partial Discharge in Electrical Insulators
Patient movement detection during unsupervised telehealth recording
PC based Smart Home
Photonic Devices
Photonic processing devices
Physical Layer Network Coding
Pitch & Spectral Envelope Analysis of Musical Instruments
POF Tunable Fiber Laser
Polymer Optical Components & Application
Power Control & Converge Improvement in Radio Network
Power Control in Mobile Radio Systems
Power Efficiency and Security in Smart Homes
Power Efficiency Transfer in Piezoelectric Transformers
Power Efficient Circuit for Biomedical Implants
Power Management System
Prediction based control
Profiling energy consumption of high-speed routers
Profiling performance and energy consumption of routers with very small buffers
Programmable Battery Charger
Properties of Optical Fibers
Quality margin of digital television
Random Coding
Rapid Controller Prototyping
Rate Control Using USRP
Real Time Control of Lab Process
Real-time JPIP for Interactive Multimedia
Recognition of mental state from speech
Reconfigurable microelectronics for reasable systems
Reconstruction of Spinal Geometry from Orthogonal X-Rays
Remotely Controlled and accessed Fiber Sensor Systems
Renewable Energy Friendly Pricing Schemes for corporate energy users
Renovating the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
Restructuring of the Electricity Industry in Australia
RF CMOS Chip Design for Radio/Mobile Communications
RF CMOS Low Noise Amplifier
RF-MEMS Switches
Robotic Lawn Weeder
Rogowski Coil for Partial Discharge Measurement
Room Equalization for Audio Reproduction
Routing protocols for highly-dynamic wireless networks in sports monitoring
Scenario Analysis for the Australian Electricity Industry
Scheduling design for wireless data networks
Search-based estimation of the frequency of a sine wave in noise
Segway control
Semi definite programming for quantum communications capacity
Sigma-Delta Converter for Cochlear Implants
Signal processing in bio informatics: Periodicity estimation for DNA sequence data
Signal-Adapted Filter bank design
Simple Smart Antenna
Simulating Quantum Cryptography
Simulation of low-power converter for electromagnetic vibration driven generator.
Smart Homes
Software and Hardware development of a subjective testing facility for audio and psycho acoustic experiments.
Software and hardware tools for acoustic experimentation.
Software for enhancing computer-aided assessment
Solid-state Tesla Coil
Space-time coding for wireless OFDM systems
Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Speech Enhancement for Cochlear Implants
Speech Enhancement for Mobile Applications
Speech transmission over WiMax systems
Speed Detection for P-Plate vehicles
Spun and Chiral micro structured Polymer Optical Fibers
STAP in heterogeneous Environments
Stap in heterogeneous Environments
Surveillance in spatio-temporal data sets
Sustainability comparison between Electric Vehicles and public transport
Sustainability comparison between Electric Vehicles and public transport
Sustainable pricing policy for Singapore
Switched op-amp filter design
System fingerprinting from passive network observations
Systems Control for Tactical Missile Guidance
Temperature control for hydraulic lubrication systems
The Design of an Amplification System for Microneurography
The interaction of light and matter
The potential impacts of electric vehicles on the local distribution network
Threshold Behaviour of Maximum Likelihood Frequency Estimators
Time and Frequency Synchronisation in OFDM system
Time Frequency Methods for Audio Processing
Traffic Tracking
Transmission of Music Over Wimax System
UHF detection of partial discharge
Ultra Low-Power Microphone Pre-Amplifier
Ultra Low-Power Radio Receiver for Biomedical Applications
Ultra-Wideband Communication
Ultrasonic detector for monitoring partial discharge
Unobtrusive falls detection using passive infrared and pressure sensors
Use of a resynthnesis model to optimize cochlear implants
Vector - LDPC Codes for 3G Fading Channels
Vector based amplitude panning (VBAP) - theory and implementation.
Video Security and Data Logging
Virtual lounge room
Visual Servoing of a robot arm
Visual Servoing of Inverted Pendulum
Voice identification
Voice Morphing
Voice Morphing
Warn web browsers about upstream caches
Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) - theory and implementation.
Weather Derivatives: Modeling and Pricing
Web Based Multimedia
Web-based Multimedia Teaching
Web-Based Teaching Tools for Renewables and Electricity Markets
Wheel Slip Control By The Gain-Scheduling Techniques
Wideband Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Systems
Wideband Speech Coding
WiMax Transceiver Designs
Wireless airplane
Wireless Computer Communications Using Sound Waves
Wireless Cooperative Communications
Wireless Relay Communication
Wireless relay communications code construction and performance
Wireless Sensor Network Security
Wireless Sensor Networks Platform
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