Electronic project topics collection (67 topics)

ADPCM Based Data Compression in VLSI
Blue tooth based control of devices
Bus Fee accounting using RFID
CAR Simulation Using RTOS
CDMA Based Mobile Communication
Call monitoring and logging for Intercom
Code Modulation Based Encryption and Decryption Technique for Secure Communication in Wireless
Congestion Control In ATM Networks Using ASIC in VLSI
Content and Texture Based Image Retrieval System for an Art and Medical Images
Control Design for Vehicle Speed With Multilevel Using Wireless Communication Technology
Control of process parameters in Industries using CAN
Cross Talk Issues In WDM Based Optical Ring Network
Design and Implementation of SMS Transaction & Application Server
Design of USB host
Designing of Optimum RISC Processor Using VLSI
Digital Eye Computer Control With Four-Axis Movement
Digital Library management using RFID
Earthquake Detection & Signalling
Effective Implementation of Multi-Prime RSA Algorithm On R8C/TINY Microcontroller Unit
Embedded Car
Embedded Gateways Over IP and ISDN
Embedded web server for remote data acquisition
Face Recognition Using Wavelet Decomposition
GPS Based Intelligent Guided Vehicle Using Collision Mitigation System
GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System
GPS GSM based patient monitoring
GPS based accident zone identification system
GPS based location annunciator for Metro Rail Service
GSM Based Vehicle Control
GSM Security System
Guidance system for visually impaired using GPS
Hardware Lock For Software Piracy
Home Automation using Internet
Home Automation with SMS
Implementation of CAN communication between 8051 microcontrollers
Industrial Automation Using WAP/WEB
Industrial Telemetry Using Frequency Modulation
Integrated Intelligent Industrial Security Surveillance System
Intelligent Hybrid Home Security System Using Auto dialer
Intelligent Robot
Intelligent Traffic Light Switching for Emergency
Intelligent toll collection using RFID CAN based car security system
Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS)
Mail Transfer System
Mobile car Security System
Monitoring and control of equipments over Ethernet with TCP/IP
Networking microcontrollers using UDP protocol
Platform ticketing using GSM
Power Tariff Monitoring System
Proximity Card Based Multi Usage System Using PIC Micro Controller
Public bus tracking system
RF Based Embedded Virtual Highway Patrol
RFID Polling booth
RFID based Tracking of individuals
Railway Gate Management using GPS and GSM
SMS Enabled Industrial Networking
SMS acknowledgement system for student attendance to parents
Scalable Video Compression For MPEG-H
Secured voice mail box
Security Integrated System Based On WAP For Remote Monitoring and Control of Industrial Process
Student attendance database system using embedded webserver
VLSI Design and Implementation of Cell Phone Controller Using VHDL
Vehicle Tracking system with Graphical LCD
Voice call annunciation for Hostels
Web based GPS navigation system
Wireless Network & Data Synchronization Using Hand Held Device – Blue Tooth Enabled
Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Controlling Using Embedded System
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