Data Mining in Search Engine Analytics. Power websites with Data Mining tools

Search engine analysis takes place by regularly monitoring huge volumes of data arising from internet usage statistics, keyword usage statistics and many other parameters. Data mining tools can keep track of this data by efficiently storing them, analysis them and producing outputs as and when necessary.

A lot of websites provide easy to use tools for analyzing your articles and content so that search engines can show them on their initial pages, but seldom do we know that they use data mining applications on a smaller scale.

There are many questions that arise in our mind like, how can these tools mine the data, where are these data stored, how is the processing done, and many more. The most important one is to provide real-time analysis that makes it obvious to use data mining methods (more Data Mining Articles).

The most popular example is Google AdWords, which uses data mining tools to provide you real time statistics of the ads you place on the internet and act accordingly. The monitoring tools contain a lot of parameters which show the processed data from various usage statistics. You can select between them and know more about a particular attribute and work on it.

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