Carnivore software seminar abstract report. FBI software to catch online suspects

Carnivore, a software to catch online communication of suspects, seminar topic
A carnivore is a controversial program that is developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI in US by which they are able to access the email activities of the person suspected. It was the third generation software of online detection. The FBI uses to configure the software with IP address of suspect through which carnivore captures the packets from a particular location.

Working of Carnivore software
A carnivore is used to work on the phenomena of sharing personal information for which an agency is required to have the permission from court before using carnivore. There are some reasons only for which one can be allowed to use carnivore. It includes terrorism, Espionage, child exploitation and pornography, information warfare and fraud. It uses to capture all packets of network that includes unfiltered and filtered among the specific data elements that are captured from the filtered one.

Carnivore Major Issues
There are some issues regarding the use of carnivore that includes violation of privacy regarding the ECPA (Electronic communication privacy act). Regulation, free speech and Echelon are also the major issues. Due to this its implementation is a problem for the FBI, but it is also a potential that acts as a useful weapon against crime.

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