Brake Booster Seminar Abstract, Report

An Introduction to Brake Booster
The break boosters are also commonly known as power breaks. Earlier the vehicles used an age old breaking mechanism also popularly known as drum brakes. The conventional drum braking system was not so effective when utilized in tough conditions like a slippery ground or a snow covered road. The drum brakes utilized in vehicles had the drawback that when any sudden hard braking effort was applied it led to vehicle imbalance. This imbalance was created as the rotation of the wheel got locked and they ceased from rotating. This system led to uncontrolled skidding. Later on hydraulic brakes were introduced to improve the breaking system.

The brake booster mechanism creates a perfect vacuum with the help of the engine. This vacuum is utilized to multiply the braking effort. When the driver presses the brake piston hard the brake booster system multiplies the braking effort that his foot applied to the master cylinder. Powerful braking is a very effective automated braking system which prevents the vehicle skidding by using a threshold braking mechanism. It achieves the braking with better control and at a faster pace. The Anti Lock braking sensors are useful when you drive on a slippery ground or a snow covered road during winter

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