ASP.NET project topics, VB project topics. Project topic ideas for CSE final year

Hi All, Here is a big list of Visual Basic(VB), ASP.NET project topics. These topics are the most popular project topics selected for engineering final year projects recent years.
Selecting an appropriate one for your project is a big task for you.

ASP.NET project topics, VB project topics
A Flexible Privacy-Enhanced Location-Based Services System Framework and Practice
A Modified Model for Private Data Security Facing E-commerce
A Simple Model for Chunk-Scheduling Strategies in P2P Streaming
Airline Catering Services
An Improved Ant Colony Optimization Cluster Algorithm Based on Swarm Intelligence
Assembly Dissection Tool
ATM reporting system
Automatic Menu Generator
Bandwidth Economizer
Blood Bank Management
Business Development System
Call Center Management System
Coding Documents using Alternative Techniques
Configurable Composition and Adaptive Provisioning of Web Services
Continuous Neighbor Discovery in Asynchronous
Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Cricket Club Association
Crime investigator
Customer Portfolio Management
Data integrity proofs in cloud storage
Data Mart
Database Maintenance for Xport Doc
Defect Tracking System
E Bug Tracke
E HealthCare
E Magazines
E Real Estate
E Shop
Education Management System
e-Magazine System
Email Reader
Encryption and decryption using sentinel
Energy-Constrained Asynchronous Sensor Networks
Energy-Efficient Protocol for Cooperative Networks
Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient
FDAC: Toward Fine-Grained Distributed Data Access
File Splitter
Franchisee Management System
Help Desk Technology
ILMS (Integrated Library Management System)
Image Compression Decompression System
Image Gallery
Image Processing
Image Water Marking
Insurance Agent
Inventory Control System
Inventory management system
IT asset management
ITracker (Patient Information System)
Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation for Multiple-Path
Lan Search
Leisure (Hotel Management System)
Live Streaming with Receiver-based Peer-division Multiplexin
Load Balance with Imperfect Information in
Load Balancing System
Movie Application
My Blogger
Network Coding-Based Protection of Many-to-One Wireless Flows
On the Integration of Unicast and Multicast Cell Scheduling in Buffered Crossbar Switches
On the Security of Route Discovery in MANETs
Online Forums
Online Marketing
Online Membership process
Online Sales & Inventory Management System
Online trading transaction
Optimal Anycast Technique for Delay-Sensitive
Parallel Data Processing in the Cloud
Patient Management System
Payroll Management System
Personal Productivity Management
Placement Activity System
Point of Sale
Portfolio Manager for Equity Trading
PP Messaging
Project Out sourcing in an organization
Protecting system from hacking
Real Estate commission generation
Real Estate Management System
Retailer Network Administrator
Routing Using Portfolio Selection
Search Engine Optimization
Secure Division
secure e-commerce
Sensor Networks
Server Dashboard
Site-Based Partitioning and Repartitioning
Software Tracking
Speech synthesis
Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems
System Information
Tax Information System
Tech Skills (An Online Examination System)
Techniques for Parallel PageRank Computation
Telecom connections Management System
Text To Speech Converter And Speech To Text Converter
The Design of a Generic Intrusion-Tolerant
Time Capturing And Invoicing System
Training Tracking System
Ultra Apps Portal
Uncompressed multimedia
Using N-Tier Architecture Multiuser Contact System
W3 Status Analyzer
Web Based Meeting Scheduler
Web Based Purchase Requisitions
Web Portal
Website for MLM
Your Jobs
AD Agency
Agriculture Assist
Air Force Security Using Thumb Checker
Alumni Manager
Asian Packers and Movers
Attendance Management System
Back to My Village
Biased Random Walks in Uniform Wireless Networks
Bishop Cotton School
Blood Donation Agent System
BPO Solutions
Bulga Bag Planner
Call Center Executer
Campaign Information System
Campus Selection System
Career Path
Cargo Logistics
Cargo Manager
Cell Breathing Technique
Civil Registry
Client Server Based Live Meeting
Cool Cab Services
Corporate Recruitment System(CRS)
Course Finder And Allocation Management Tool
Crime Logger
Customer Query Track
Cyber Automobile Shop
Cyber Bidding Gateway
Cyber Hotelier
Cyber JobMela
Data Grid Management Systems
Diagnostic Center
Diamond Web-Hosting
Digital Signature
Distance Learning Portal
Distributed Computing For E-Learing
Document Manager
Drive 2 Destiny
E Commerce Website
E2M Conference
Easy Leave
Education Loan Portal
E-Gift Shoppe
Electronic Cash Controller
Energy Maps for Mobile Wireless Networks
Enterprise Security Services
E-Post Office
Exam Experts
Examination Branch System
Factory Statistics System
Finger print based employee attendance system
Flaw Tracking System
Fleet Manager
Franchise Management System
Good Welfare Services
Health Maintenance System
HRMS Portal
Immigration Clearance System
Information Content-Based Sensor Selection
Information Portal
Insurance Broker System
Integrated Project Management And Controlling System
International Street Racing Community Club Management System
Inventory Chain
ISO Quality Controller
Jobbing Portcullis
Learning Made Easy
Live Meting
Mail Client
Mailing Portal
Millennium Planning
Mining Industry information System
Mitigation of Control Channel Jamming
Mobile Advertisement System
Movement-Assisted Connectivity Restoration
Movie World
Multi Banking System
New Hospital Management System
New Library Management System
News Paper Proclamation Monitoring System
Notepad Editor System
Online Banking
Online Crime Report
Online Examination Portal
Online Fast Food
Online file sharing portal
Online Issue Management
Online Patient Management System
Online Personal Assistant
Online Project Controller
Online Shopping Cart
Online Shopping Portal
Online Support Help Desk
Online Tax Information System
Online Voting System
Photo Competition Website with Voting
Planning of Wireless Sensor Networks
Predicting Missing Items in Shopping Carts
Project Controller
Project Scheduler
Project Tracking
Promotional Portal
Random Cast
Reality Shows Organization
Record Tracker
Repository and Search Engine of a College
Reservation System
Resource Allocation in OFDMA
Route Stability in MANETs
Secure and Policy-Compliant Source Routing
Smart Network Profile Manager
SMS Based Student Intimation
Social Networking With Advertisement
Software Project Defect Tracking System
Software Project Management
Software Project Quality Controller
Speech comparison using neural networks
Speed Cash Maintenance
Student Records System
Techno Task Manager
Tele Serve
Thresholds for Virus spread on networks
Traveler Information System
Unicode OCR System
Universal Rental System
URl Tracker (
Vehicle Service
Vehicle Showroom Management System
Virtual Class Room
Visual Learner Memory Game
Ware House Management System
Warehouse management system
Web Alerts
Web Based Profiling System
Work Flow Management System
World Recipe
Zeppelin Reservation

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