499 topics for seminars electrical and electronics engineering

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Here we have 499 topics for seminars electrical and electronics engineering
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A technique for on-line detection of shorts in fields of turbine generator rotor
AC Cable Versus shos Cable Transmission for Offshore Wind Farms
Adaptive Piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit
Advancements in inverter technology for industrial applications
ANN Based Power System Restoration
Artificial intelligence in power station
Asynchronous systems
Automated distribution system
Automatic Change Over with Current Limiter
Automatic solar tracker
Axial-field electrical machines
BiCMOS Technology
Biomass Fuelled Power Plant
Biometric Fingerprint Identification
Blue ray Disc Technology
Bluetooth? Wireless Technology
Broadband Over Power Line (BPL
Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL
Brushless Alternators
Buck Boost Transformer
Cable Modems
Calorimetric measuring systems: Problems and solution
Circuit Breaker Switching & Arc Modeling
Cluster Meter System
Coal IGCC power production
Compensation of Harmonic Currents Utilizing AHC
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES
Computer Clothing
Condenser Bushing
Condition Based Maintenance of UG Cable Systems
Condition Based Maintenance of Underground Cable Systems
Conditional Access (CA System)
Conditional monitoring
Contact less energy transfer system
Context Disambiguation on Web Search Results
CT Scanning
Data Compression
Decentralized power sources
Development of Superconducting Rotating Machines
Development Status of Superconducting Rotating Machines
Digital Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers
Direct Broadcast Satellite
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Direct to Home
Distributed Generation
Distribution system relaying
DSP (Digital Signal process Based Motor Control System)
Dual-Core Processor
DVD Combo ROM disc Technology
Electric cars
Electric field optimization of high voltage electrode based on neural network
Electrical and chemical diagnostics of transformer insulation
Electro wetting
Electrolytic Hydrogen: A Future Technology for Energy Storage
Electromagnetic Bomb
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI
Electrostatic Generator
E-mail alert System
Energy Saving Fan
Energy Saving Motor
Energy Saving Tube Light
Energy Storage within a Hydrogen Transportation Fuel Infrastructure
Energy transmission system for an artificial heart - leakage inductance compensation
Expert Technician System
Explosive Flux Compression Generator
Faraday's Disk Generator
Fast Breeder Reactor
Fault location in Grounded and High resistance Grounded systems
Fiber Optic Sensors
Fiber optical sensors
Flywheel Energy Storage
Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS
Fractal Image Compression
Friction machines
Fuel Cells
Fuel Cells on Aerospace
Fuzzy logic
Gas insulated Substations (GIS
Geothermal Power Stations
Gyro bus
Helms Pump Storage Plant
Herd coating Technology
High-Availability Power Systems
High-availability power systems: Redundancy options
High-Temperature Nuclear Reactors for Space Applications
Home Electrical Device Control HOWTO
Homo Polar Generator
HVDC Technology
HVDC Technology and Short Circuit Contribution of HVDC Light?
Icing of Power Transmission lines
Improving Electrical System Reliability with Infrared Thermography
Infrared Thermography
In-Memory Database
Input Output Completion Ports
Instrument Landing System
Instrument Landing System
Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor
Integrated Vehicle Health Management Technology
Integration of IT in Machine Tools
Intelligent Substation
Interactive Voice Response System
Internet Protocol Television
Introduction to Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Intrusion Detection With Snort
Iris Scanning
Lates IE Rules
Lightning Protection Using LFA-M
Line Reactors
Liquid Electricity
Load Monitoring
Maglev Train
Magnetic Levitation
Magneto hydrodynamic Power Generation Technology (MHD
Magnox Nuclear Reactor
Margin to restore Power System Solvability
Matrix Inversion Generator
Membrane Switch
Metamorphic Robots
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (REMEMS
Micro Fuel Cells
Micro Power Electrostatic Generator (MEG
Micro-power Generator
Microprocessor based alternator synchronization
Microprocessor Based Motor Speed Controller
Microprocessor based power theft identification
MOCT (Magnetic Optical Current Transformer
Modeling of Transformers with Internal Incipient Faults
Molecular Electronics
Molecular surgery
MPEG Video Compression
Nano Technology
Nano Wire
Nanotechnology-Fueling the Chemical Industry?s Future
Nanotechnology-The Next Science Frontier
Narrowband Powerline Communication
Navigation system
Neutral networks in process control
Night Vision
Nomad Expert Technician System
ome Automation
Optical Antenna
Optical var Control
Opto Electric Battery
Organic LED
Perceptive computing
Plastic chips
Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC
Power electronics
Power frequency magnetic fields
Power Quality
Power System Contingencies
Power System Solvability
Power Theft Identification
PPTC Devices
PPTC Devices for Protection of Battery Packs
Prediction of the closest margin to restore Power System Solvability
Prepaid Energy meter
Project Oxygen
Protection of transmission systems by using the global positioning system
Public Key Encryption and Digital Signature
Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage
Pyroelectric Fusion
Radio Correction Finder
Radio Frequency Identification Sensors
Remote Monitoring and Thought inference
Remotely Queried Embedded Microsensors
RFID Systems
Robotics and its Applications
RPM's flywheel power storage system
Satellite Radio
Satellite Solar power
Satellite Television
Seasonal Influence on Safety of Substation Grounding
Secure Authentication Using Automated Biometrics
Secure User Authentication using Automated Biometrics
Servomotor Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI
Single phase neutral point clamped AC/shos converter with power factor corrector and active filter
Smart Card
Solar hybrid pvt systems
Solar Ponds
Solar power generation
Space Solar Power
Speech Enabled Interactive Voice Response System
Speed Detection Camera
Static VAR (Voltage Ampere Reactive compensator)
Stirling Radioisotope Generator (SRG
Super conducting generator
Super Conducting Magnetic Energy Storage Systems
Superconducting Generator
Superconducting Rotating Machines
Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA systems in power stations)
Surge current protection using superconductors
Surge Protection in Modern Devices
Synchronous voltage source
Technique for Online Detection of Shorts in Fields
Telluri Current
Terrestrial Photovoltaics (PVs
The global voltage regulation
Thermoelectric Coolers
Tiny Switch
Transformers Internal Incipient Fault Model
Transient over voltages in electrical distribution system and suppression techniques
Transient Over Voltages
Transmission for Offshore Wind Farms
Tsunami Early Warning System
Ultra capacitors
Ultra sonic motor
Ultrasonic sound detection and its applications
Universal Current Sensor
User Authentication using Automated Biometrics
Variable speed drives
Voltage Sag Analysis
Voltage Sag Analysis
Wave energy
Wave Power Devices
Wavelet Transforms
Written-Pole technology
33 KV gas insulated switchgear
66 K V Switch Yard
66 KV receiving station design
66kv Receiving Sub-Station
A report on series compensation
ACSR & alloy
Advanced less-flammable transformer Insulating Fluid
Alternator synchronization
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
Architecture of an Electric Vehicle
Artificial Neural Network
Automatic Circuit Recloser
Automatic Meter Reading
Automatic voltage regulation of alternator used in UKAI PP
Automation of temp rise test for L T Switch gear
Automation of temperature rise test for switchgear
Availability based tariff scheme
AVR in Alternator
Battery Charger
Biomedical Instruments (EEG
Bone growth using electrical simulation
Bridge capacitor bank in EHV system
Brush less DC motor
Cable fault localization
Capacitor voltage transformer
Cascade Tripping
Cathodic Protection
Combined cycle power plant
Comparative Study Of Maximum Power Point Tracking
Condition Monitoring of Electrical equipment
Conducting polymers & plastic batteries
Control of excitation system
Controller Of Electric Vehicle
D C Arc Furnace
Data Acquisition System
DC circuit breaker
Demand side management and energy audit
Deregulation Of Energy Sector & [censored] Determination
Design of solar power plant
Development & compensation of transm line
Different Type of Excitation scheme on alternator
Different types of energy storage system
Direct torque Control Method for Speed control of Induction Motor
Direct torque control of AC drives
Distributed Control System
DSP For Motor Control
Dust collection & scrubing tech
E H V transmission lines
Earth leakage circuit breaker
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Effect of Under Frequency on Generating Units
Effect on generating units caused by loss of excitation
EHV AC Transmission
EHV transmission system
Electric Locomotive
Electrical & Electromagnetic interferance
Electrical Energy Management & Audit
Electrical fuses & its Application
Electrical vehicles
Electromagnetic Bomb
Electronic Ballast
Electronics Ballast
Energy Audit
Energy Conservation by Soft Start
Energy Conservation in Electrical equipment
Energy conservation
Energy convection tower
Energy Efficient Motor
Evacuated Tube Solar Collector
Excitation System for Alternator & AVR
Expert system as applied to power system
Extra high voltage transmission line
Failure of Distribution Transformer
Fault prediction & diagnoses
Feeder protection
Feeder Protective Relay
Fibre Optic Communication
Field oriented control drives without shaft sensors
Flexible AC transmission
Flexible AC transmission System
Flexible Photovoltaic Technology
Fuel cell & Fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell driven vehical
Fuel cell vehicle
Fusion Energy
Fusion Technology
Gas Insulated Transformer
Generator protection
Generator Protection
Geothermal Energy
Global Positing System
Green Power
Grid Connected PV Systems
H V tester
H V D C converter
H V Testing of Circuit Breaker
Harmonic elimination techniques
High Voltage A C Transmission
High Voltage D C Transmission
High voltage test techniques
High voltage testing of Transformer
High Voltage Transmission Line
HTS power cables
HTS power cables
HVDC back to back converter & transformer
HVDC Converter
Hybrid Electrical vehicles
Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
Hydrogen as an alternative fuel
Hydrogen Fuel cell
Hydrogen fuel cell in India
Hydrogen The Future Fuel
Impacts of harmonics on power quality
Implementation of PLC
India Power outage July 2012
Industrial fire safety
Installation Maintenance and application of power transformer
Internet telephony
Internet through power lines
Introduction of Batteries
Iridium Satellite Phone
Kalpsar Project Capturing Tidal energy
Laser and its application
Laser based application
Latest trends in nuclear power station
Less Flammable Transformer Insulating Fluids
Lighting protection of over head
Linear Induction motor
Liquefied Natural G
Load sharing between the inverters operating
Load Shedding
Localization of faults
Losses reduction system in power
Magnetic Levitation & it’s Application
Magnetic Levitation And Its Application
Magnetic material used in static rotating machines
Magnetic Resonance imaging
Magnetic Train
Maintenance of Distribution Transformer
Matteran Energy
Maximum power point tracking
Medical Imaging Techniques
Medical imagining techniques
Mercury removal in coal burned power plants by electro catalytic oxidation
Micowave genration & its application
Micro electro-mechanical system
Micro stepping of stepper motor and application
Microprocessor Based Protective Relays
Microprocessor based X’mer Protection
Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Missile guidance system
Missile Technology
Modern Trends & Evolution of C B
Modern trends in thermal power station
Motor Protection
Multiterminal D C supply (MTDC
Nano Fuel Cell
Neural Networks application in Induction motor
Night vision
Non conventional source (biomass
Non conventional source (Geothermal
Numerical Relay
Numerical relays
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
Operation & Maintenance of Substation
Optical current transducer & its fault location in substation
Pace maker
Paralleling of LTC transformer
Performance Evaluation & EMI/EMC Testing of Energy Meter
Permanent magnet D C Motor
Phase Locked Loop
PMDC Motor
Position Emission Tomography
Power distribution grid
Power EC based distribution transformer
Power Factor Correction
Power factor improvement
Power Grid
Power line carrier communication
Power quantity standards
Power supply for electrical traction drives
Power system relability
Power system stability
Production & protection against surges
Production of & Protection against Surge
Prospects Of Nanotechnology
Protection Against Blackout
Protection of Distribution System
Protection of overhead transmission against lighting
Protection through switchyard equipment
Pruning the power grid
PWM technique applied to induction motor
Quality of Electrical power
Radial Feeder Protection
Reactive Power Consumption in Transmission Line
Reactive power management
Relay performance & testing
Relay Performance Testing With High Technology
Renewable energy
Renewable Energy Source Biomass
Review of Electricity Act -2003
Robotics and its application
Robotics Sensor
Satellite solar power station
Sensor less speed estimation of I M
SF6 circuit breaker
Solar Battery Storage Pump
Solar cell
Solar electric vehicles
Solar power generation
Solar Tower Technology
Solid State Interlocking
Speech Synthesis
Speed control of DC shunt Motor Using PWM
Static excitation system for alternator
Static Relay
Static starting device
Static starting device for gas turbine
Stepper Motor
Stepper Motor & its Application
Storage battries
Super conductor
Surge Arrestor
Switched Reluctance Motor
Synchronization of alternator with grid
Testing of 3 phase induction motor and trouble shooting
Testing of transformers
Tidal power
Tidel Power plant
Traction Drives
Traction System
Train lighting on railways
Transformer Oil
Transformer Protection
Two phase Neural Network
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Upgrading generator protection using multiple replay
Utilization Of Solar Energy
V/F method of speed control
Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Variable Reluctance Motor Drive
Vector control of an induction motor
Vector control Of Induction Motor
Virtual Instrumentation
Wind Diesel systems
Wind Power
wind power generation
Wire less power transmission
Wireless Application protocol
Wireless fidelity
Wireless power transmission
Electrical Fuses, its types & Applications

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499 Topics for Seminars 2015
Seminar topics 2014 (New Topic List)
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