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Smart antenna seminar report, abstract


18-07-2013 07:48 PM
The term Smart Antenna refers to a technology which is used to intercept different signals simultaneously. Wireless and Radio wave systems are the most common uses of Smart Antennas. The reason these types of systems prefer Smart Antennas is due to their increased efficiency, accuracy and speed in comparison to a normal antenna.

Benefits of Smart Antennas
  • Smart Antennas have a better range in comparison to a normal antenna. The reason, for the improvement in the range, is because these signals from the smart antenna is more pointed towards specific devices. This also ensures that there are lesser number of actual antennas installed for usage.
  • Since the signal is more focused and provides a higher range of frequencies, the number of users that can be serviced increases exponentially. Also, the signals are more secure and provide much less interference for users.
  • Smart Antennas can reuse frequencies. This gives the user a higher bandwidth for actual usage in comparison to normal antennas.

Disadvantages of Smart Antennas
  • Smart Antennas are a relatively new technology. Hence, the cost of installing and using smart antennas is very high.
  • Since the technology used is also very complex, the number of technicians who can service and repair Smart Antennas, are very few.

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