iCAR (Integrated Cellular And Ad-Hoc Relaying System) Seminar Abstract, Report

iCAR (Integrated Cellular And Ad-Hoc Relaying System)
A purely Ad-hoc network or purely cellular network is not scalable and versatile enough. Therefore, integrated architectures are used that efficiently uses to balance the traffic dynamically which reduces the hand off dropping and call blocking probability which use to increase the effective capacity system. Its other benefits use to include the shadow coverage, reduced transmission power, fault tolerance and much more.

Quality Coverage By iCAR
It uses to provide the quality coverage that uses to include the ARS as the maximum number of states needed to ensure the relaying route that can be established by any MH or BTS located anywhere. In order to get fixed coverage area some UN-SHARED edges with few more seeds of ARSs are needed. Maximum number of ARS are obtained from the circle area along with counting the number of edges.

Future Work
Along with the iCAR there are several of usage that will be processed through this technology in the future. It includes Mobility tracking, ARS management and moving. One can also track the position of ARS and MH by using the GPS and through this one can move to the best ARS. ARSs issues like route reestablishment are to be addressed in the future

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