How to do video call on Viber for project Collaboration? (Viber Video on Android)

Video call viber is one among the best Video over IP service available online. Use this app and make your final year project collaboration an easy task.

Here are the quick and easy 4 steps to make a Video call on Viber.
#1. Find and select the number (your contact)
#2. Select Free Call
#3. Tap the video icon
#4. You are on Viber video call now...

Remember, you should have an Android smart phone (Android version 4+) with a fast internet connection. The phone should also have Front camera and 1.5GB of RAM

Official Documentation can be found here:
I am sharing it here, thinking it will be very helpful for you for your project collaboration and demo purposes.
Good news! Viber started free calls from viber to non viber numbers..