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Eye Movement Based Human Computer Interaction Techniques Seminar Abstract, Report

Offline Saraniya 20-02-2014, 05:56 AM
Eye Movement Based Technologies Helping The User To Interact Directly To The Computer
Computer and user interactions typically a one-sided communication where the bandwidth of computer with respect to user is greater than that of user to the computer. The user's eye movement provides a natural, convenient and high bandwidth movement. Now, technology has introduced a system that takes the eye movement input to the computer.

Eye And Interface
Eye movement when used to interact with devices then it uses to increase the bandwidth of the channel. Target acquisition requires usually to concentrate over the target before using cursor control. It needs to keep hands free and also increases several of users suffer from the RSI means repetitive stress injury. Generally, eye movements are less conscious and therefore system requires great concentration and attention while working.

Research Issues And Problems
Some basic problems with the eye movement techniques is the usability of hardware that includes a head mounted system which are reliable but sometime awkward too. Whereas floor mounted are more constrained but comfortable. It needs calibration for every user during the task and at the beginning to for accuracy. The costs of the equipment used for eye tracking is also high. It is widespread among all due to the technology used in it.

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