CSE Seminar topics updated list For 2019 2020. Upcoming and trending topics

SSHD - Apache
DRAT - Apache
Night Vision Technology
Chukwa - Apache
AC Performance Of Nanoelectronics
Computer Viruses
Digital Jewelry
Iceberg (Incubating) - Apache
Jackrabbit - Apache
Text Mining
Directory - Apache
Rya (Incubating) - Apache
Heron (Incubating) - Apache
Sniffer for detecting lost mobiles
Optical Fibre Cable
Compositional Adaptation
Drill - Apache
Rat - Apache
Palm Vein Technology
Google App Engine
Symbian OS
Hyper Transport Technology
Plan 9 Operating System
3D password
Dubbo (Incubating) - Apache
Rain Technology
Shindig (in the Attic) - Apache
Structured Cabling
Marmotta - Apache
Commons SCXML - Apache
MetaModel - Apache
Public Key Infrastructure
Tool Command Language
Dual Core Processor
Confidential Data Storage and Deletion
Spatial Information System - Apache
Compute Unified Device Architecture CUDA
AsterixDB - Apache
XBOX 360 System
Druid (Incubating) - Apache
Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks
Jena - Apache
Commons Modeler - Apache
Breaking the Memory Wall in MonetDB
Nano Cars Into The Robotics
Finger Reader
Voice morphing

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