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5G Wireless system seminar report, abstract

Offline Kishore 18-07-2013, 08:21 PM
5G Wireless system (5G Wireless technology), an introduction
Fifth generation wireless networks (5G Wireless network) is the foremost period of mobile telecommunication standards ahead of current 4G/IMT standards. Some of the concepts which make 5G wireless technology different from current 4G Wireless technology are:
  • Improved and innovative data coding and modulation techniques, which includes filter bank multi carrier way in schemes.
  • For wireless access and back haul use of millimeter wave frequencies is very useful.
  • With the support of different conduction points with related coverage and surrounding the option of a supple usage of resources for up link and down link transmission in each cell is achieved by superior intrusion and mobility management.

5G mobile communications technology will overcome the on hand 4G Long Term Evolution network technologies. 5G technology will be proficient of providing an omnipresent Gpbs experience to customers who subscribe from anywhere in the country and provides data transmission speed up to tens of Gbps per base station. The main focus will be on increasing power and the best way to get it is to use high gain power antennas that changes and focus the radio waves into a beam. This is quite similar and equal to raising transmitted power. It is not used in just focusing the beam but also to maneuver the beam in a desired direction.

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